RATL 2023 Changes

2023 Series Changes

  • Please note that we have made schedule changes for the 2023 season. Please be sure to verify the race schedule prior to completing your race registration!


  • Race Check-in will be drive-thru this year.  Enter the Park and stay to the right.  Follow the signs to check-in.  Please stay in your car and wait for the check-in team to approach you.  They will check you in and give you your Bib and Chip Tag
  • Riders will stay neutral until the start/finish line up the hill.  Race will start automatically when the riders cross the start/finish line.  There will be no stopping at the start/finish line.
  • Race Results will be available on-line immediately after the race at sfwtiming.com.  Results will not be posted on a wall.
  • Please drop the Chip Tags in the the collection buckets in the staging area or on the way out.

Races at the Lakes will be part of the Junior Devo Race Series! We look forward to welcoming these juniors to our great venue and race series. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about this exciting new addition.

Since 1993

About the Race

The course (closed to traffic) is a rolling 1.25 mile circuit around the Munroe Falls Metro Park Lake.  All races stage 10 minutes prior to race start time in the parking lot (refer to map below) and are sent neutral to the start/finish line 5 minutes prior to the start time to receive final instructions from officials.  Races start and finish on back of course as shown below.


Directions:  Munroe Falls is northeast of Akron, south of Stow, west of Kent, Ohio.  South River Road is south of Graham Road and north of Howe Road.  From Route #91 (Darrow Road), turn east onto South River Road (at Manila Bay Cafe), go east 1 mile to the Metro Park.  Address: 521 South River Road, Munroe Falls, OH.




2023 Registration Info

This is a USA Cycling sanctioned event. Following this link to get registered today!