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Race Prize List

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Men Cat. 4/5 $40 8:15 AM 35 Mins 50 / 5 Medals / 5
Men Cat. 3/4 $40 9:05 AM 40 Mins 50 / 5 $80/ 5
Men Masters


Cat. 2/3/4

$40 10:00 AM 45 Mins 50 / 7 $80 / 5
Men Masters


Cat. 2/3/4

$40 10:00 AM 45 Mins 50 / 7 $80 / 5
Men Masters


Cat. 2/3/4

$40 10:00 AM 45 Mins 50 / 7 $80 / 5

Ages 11- 12*, 13-14

$15 11:00 AM 30 Mins 30 / 5 Medals / 5

Ages 15-16, 17-18

$15 11:00 AM 30 Mins 30 / 5 Medals / 5

Cat. 1/2/3

$40 11:45 AM 45 Mins 50 / 5 $195 / 6

Cat. 4/5

$40 11:46 AM 45 Mins 50 / 5 Medals / 5

Cat. 1/2/3

$45 12:45 PM 60 Mins 60 / 7 $195 / 6


  • Race Check-in will be drive-thru this year.  Enter the Park and stay to the right.  Follow the signs to check-in.  Please stay in your car, wear a mask, and wait for the check-in team to approach you.  They will check you in and give you your Bib and Chip Tag
  • Please wear a mask in the parking lots, in the staging area prior to the race, and after the race.
  • We will spread you out in the staging area, and indicate when it's ok to remove the masks to start the race.  Riders will stay neutral until the start/finish line up the hill.  Race will start automatically when the riders cross the start/finish line.  There will be no stopping at the start/finish line.
  • Race Results will be available on-line immediately after the race at sfwtiming.com.  Results will not be posted on a wall.
  • There will be no podiums this year.  Awards may be picked up on the way out, or we'll send them to you.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made availabe outside the restrooms.
  • Please drop the Chip Tags in the the collection buckets in the staging area or on the way out.

Additional Information

* Please note that riders younger than the 11-12 age bracket may register and compete if capable of holding pace with the group.

Series Championship: Prizes awarded for cumulative points earned for all four races. Points will be awarded to the top 20 places in each race (20 points to winner and 1 point to 20th place) and points for primes will be called out during each race.


Must pick-up winnings day of race – no mailings.  Second race receives $10 discount on registration fee.  All USA cycling rules apply.  Promoter reserves the right to change distance and/or combine categories.  Events raced in order shown, starting immediately after conclusion of prior event.  Race goes rain or snow.


In the event of serious accident or incident involving emergency vehicle response, we will immediately close the course and we will cancel the race for a particular category if sufficient time is not available to re-start and finish it or Park Rangers or Race Officials deem course conditions hazardous.


Day of event check in begins at 7:50 am at race site and closes 15 minutes before each event.  Email racequestions@summitfreewheelers.org or check out the www.summitfreewheelers.org web site for additional information.  You may also contact Chris Kobus for additional information at (330) 283-2728.


Wheel pit will be at the start / finish line. Free lap only available for valid mechanical issues and will follow USA Cycling rules.

• Summit Freewheelers is not responsible for the safety of your wheels in the pit.

• Free lap will be suspended with 5 laps to go.


2022 Registration Link!

This is a USA Cycling sanctioned event. Follow this link to get registered today!